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Oracle Service Bus 11g Course Content



  • Definition of OSB
  • SOA Verses OSB
  • OSB Verses Mediator
  • OSB11g Verses OSB 12c
  • New Features of OSB 12c
  • Real time Scenerios – SOA, OSB and BPM


  • Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 12c
  • Overview of XML, XSD, Web-Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL
  • WebServices Sample Demonstration.
  • Understanding WSDL


OSB Intallation

  • Types of Installation
  • Integrated Server
  • Standalone
  • Compact Domain
  • Reatime Time Server Configurations
  • Introduction to Server consoles

Introduction to SCA (Service Component Architecture)

  • SCA and its components
  • Defining Composite Application
  • Creating OSB Application in Jdeveloper


Managing and Monitoring OSB Application

  • Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the OSB Application
  • Working with Enterprise Manager
  • Working with Service Bus Console
  • Deploying, Undeploying and Testing OSB Service


Working with OSB Components

  • Proxy Service
  • Business Service
  • Overview of Message Flow.

Working with Message Flow Activities

  • Pipeline Pair
  • Stage
  • Assign
  • Replace
  • Validate
  • Log
  • Alert
  • Report
  • Reply
  • Route
  • JavaCallout
  • Conditional
  • Operational
  • Error Handler
  • Routing
  • If-Then
  • Publish
  • For Each
  • Transport Headers
  • Service Callout
  • Routing Options
  • Dynamic Routing



Working with Adapters

  • DataBase Adapter
  • Data Base Polling
  • File Adapter
  • JMS Adapter


  • Mock Services
  • Rest
  • SplitJoin
  • Customization
  • SOAPUI Testing
  • SOA-OSB Sample Demonstration

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Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

This chapter provides a brief introduction to Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and includes key getting started information such as starting the OSB Administration Console, customizing table views in the OSB Administration Console, and naming OSB resources.

Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus. It provides highly scalable and reliable service-oriented integration, service management, and traditional message brokering across heterogeneous IT environments. It combines intelligent message brokering with routing and transformation of messages, along with service monitoring and administration in a unified software product. Oracle Service Bus Administration Console enables you to control the service and policy configurations, and monitor system and operations tasks. Oracle Service Bus relies on Oracle WebLogic Server run-time facilities.

Oracle Service Bus Architecture

This section provides an architectural overview of Oracle Service Bus and highlights operational features that enable rapid service integration, provisioning, and management across a heterogeneous IT infrastructure. It is intended for integration-focused IT architects responsible for messaging and service oriented architectures (SOA). It includes the following sections:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Key Architecture Concepts
  • Oracle Service Bus Deployment

Architecture Overview

Oracle Service Bus architecture is centered around an Enterprise Service Bus. The bus provides message delivery services, based on standards including SOAP, HTTP and Java Messaging Service (JMS). It is typically designed for high-throughput, guaranteed message delivery to a variety of service producers and consumers. It supports XML as a native data type, while also offering alternatives for handling other data types.

Oracle Service Bus is policy driven and enables you to establish loose coupling between service clients and business services, while maintaining a centralized point of security control and monitoring. It stores persistent policy, proxy service, and related resource configurations in metadata, that can be customized and propagated from development through staging to production environments required. The message-brokering engine accesses this configuration information from its metadata cache.

Oracle Service Bus is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms these messages for compatibility with other service consumers. It receives messages through a transport protocol such as HTTP(S), JMS, File, and FTP, and sends messages through the same or a different transport protocol. Service response messages follow the inverse path. The message processing by Oracle Service Bus is driven by metadata, specified in the message flow definition of a proxy service.

Key Architecture Concepts

Message Processing

Messages can contain data or status information about application processes, or instructions for the recipient, or both. Oracle Service Bus enables you to route messages based on their contents and to perform transformations on that content. The processing happens through the transport and binding layers of Oracle Service Bus.

The processing of messages occurs in the following sequence of events:

  1. Processing of the inbound transport
  2. Message flow execution
  3. Processing of the outbound transport

After a message is sent to an endpoint (either a business service or another proxy service), Oracle Service Bus processes the response message in a similar model as that described in the preceding sequence of events.

The following figure illustrates a high-level message flow process through the Oracle Service Bus, from inbound endpoint (proxy service) to outbound endpoint (service transport URL – a business service or another proxy service).

Oracle Service Bus Deployment

Deployment Topology

Oracle Service Bus is designed to centrally manage and control many distributed service endpoints. Oracle Service Bus can be deployed in the following configurations:

  • On a single server that also serves as the administration server.
  • On a cluster of servers.

Using Oracle Service Bus you can configure autonomous ESB instances across the enterprise. These instances have their own sets of configuration artifacts such as services and transformations. Such deployments typically map to various IT departments within an organization. Communication between different departments is achieved through a federated network of ESBs, which talk to each other, often through firewalls. For more information on Oracle Service Bus deployment, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Deployment Guide for Oracle Service Bus.

What Are The Prerequisites To Learn Oracle Service Bus?

There are no specific prerequisites for opting Oracle OSB Online Training. However, functional knowledge on Messaging, Web Service and SOA is an added advantage. This popular module is designed for an end user as well as a developer.

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