KITS Online Training Institute is one of the best training institute in leading IT Online training. We provide best SAP QM Online training course with our highly professional real time trainers. SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) is a specific SAP software suite which was developed to help businesses to meet the desired regulatory standards in quality across their various departments. This SAP module integrates with various other SAP modules and helps in a cost-effective manner to maintain uniformly high standards of quality in products and processes through quality planning, inspection and quality control. KITS also do corporate trainings and help them to train their employees. We also provide other courses like SAP PP.

SAP QM Online Training Course Content




1.1. General discussion about SAP and its importance

1.2. Organization structure

. Company

. Company code

. Plant

.  Quality set up at Plant Level qs51

. Quality set up at Client Level  qs41

1.3 SAP landscape

.   Sandbox

.   Development

.   Quality


1.4. SAP Architecture

       . Database

. Application

. Presentation

2.0 Overview of QM

. Overview of QM in Domain industries

. Role of QM in supply chain management


.     Overview

  • Creation of Material Master
  • Activation of material with Quality view
  • Creation of Master inspection characteristics (Quantitative)

.      Creation of Master inspection characteristics (Qualitative)

.      Edit catalogue

.      Edit selected set

.     Sampling procedure

.     Sampling scheme

  1. PLANNING & Execution
  • Creation of inspection plan

.      Assigning of Master inspection characteristics

.      Creation of inspection lot

.      Results Recording

.      Usage Decision

  1. Various QM Scenarios

.    In coming inspection

.    In process inspection

.   Final inspection

.   Service inspection

.   Audit Inspection

.   Calibration Inspection

.   Physical sample inspection

.   Direct assignment of MIC`S to material

.   Defect notification process

.   Statistical process control process

.   Quality certificate

  1. in coming inspection Scenario

      .  Activation of inspection type for Incoming material

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation or generation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. in process inspection Scenario

      .  Activation of inspection type for in process inspection for material

. Assignment of MIC`s in Operations in routing

. Production order creation &Inspection lot generation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. Final inspection Scenario

        .  Activation of inspection type for final inspection for material

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot generation at the time of Goods receipt for Production order

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. Service inspection Scenario

. Creation of material as Service

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation or generation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. AUDIT inspection Scenario

. Creation of department as material

.  Activation of inspection type for audit inspection for department as material

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. Calibration order QM integration with PM

.  Creation of equipment

.Creation of task list with inspection point

.Assign of MIC`s to operation

. Creation of maintenance calibration plant

.Scheduling of plant to generate maintenance order to get inspection lot

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. Physical sample inspection process Scenario

 .   Activation of inspection type for material

.    Creation of inspection plan

.    Creation of physical sample

.    Creation of physical sample lot

.    Results Recording

.  Usage Decision

  1. Direct assignment of MIC`S to material Scenario

. Activation of quality view with inspection with material specs

. Direct assignment of MIC`S to material

.Inspection lot creation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

  1. Defect notification process Scenario

  Activation of inspection type for material

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation

. Results Recording

.  Rejection of MICS

. Generation of notification

.Processing and closing the notification

. Usage Decision

  1. Statistical process control process Scenario

Activation of inspection type for material

.  Creation of MIC`S with SPC control indicator

.Define control charts

.Assigning in sampling procedure with spc inspection

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation or generation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

. Display of Control charts

  1. Creation Quality certificate Scenario

   .  Activation of inspection type for material

.Creation of certificate profile

.Assignment of certificate profile to material

.  Creation of inspection plan

. Inspection lot creation

. Results Recording

. Usage Decision

.Creation of certifate for inspection lot.

  1. Factory calendar creation

    .Creation of public holidays

.Creation holiday calendar

. Creation of Factory calendar

. Assignment of Factory calendar in Plant

  1. Configuration

     .Basic steps

.Inspection types

.work center

.I will provide doc Overall steps to be configured with respect To PDF

  1. SAP Project Implementation


.ASAP Methodology

  1. Support process for SAP in Real time

. Priority of tickets

. Acknowledge



Unit 1: QM Business Process Overview

  • QM and Company Business Processes
  • Quality Management Process Flow
  • Quality Management in the Logistics Supply Chain

Unit 2: QM Master Data

  • QM Specific Master Data
  • Cross-Application Master Data
  • QM Basic Data
  • Catalogs
  • Test Equipment
  • Master Inspection Characteristic
  • Inspection Method
  • Work Center
  • Inspection Plans

Unit 3: Quality Inspection

  • Inspection Lots
  • Recording Inspection Results
  • Defects Recording
  • Inspection Lot Completion

Unit 4: Quality Control

  • Quality Notifications
  • Results and Defect Recording
  • Document Flow
  • Notification Items, Tasks, Activity
  • Reference Objects
  • QM Orders
  • Quality Notification
  • Quality Certificates

Unit 5: QM in Procurement

Unit 6: QM in Production

  • Production Process
  • Master Data for QM in Production
  • Task List Set Up for QM in Production
  • Display Routing
  • Production Order and Inspection Lot
  • Record Inspection Results
  • Making a Usage Decision
  • Operations for Production Order
  • set Production Order to Technically Complete

Unit 7: QM Reports

  • Standard Analyses: Quality Management Information System
  • Work Lists
  • Where-Used Lists

Unit 8: Introduction to Customizing

  • Basic Navigation
  • Logistics General

Unit 9: Quality Basic Settings

  • First Steps
  • Setting up Clients
  • Maintain Settings at Client Level
  • Establish Organizational Units (Plants, Sales Organization, etc.)
  • Maintain Settings at Plant Level
  • Exercise

Unit 10: Quality in Logistics

  • Procurement
  • QM in Production; QM in Sales and Distribution

Unit 11: Quality Planning

  • Master Data
  • Basic Data
  • Inspection Characteristic, Inspection Method
  • Inspection Planning
  • Engineering Work Bench

Unit 12: Quality Inspection

  • Inspection Lot Creation
  • Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types
  • Inspection Lot Completion

Unit 13: Quality Notifications

  • Overview of Notification Type
  • Notification Creation
  • Notification Processing
  • Defects Recording
  • Information System
  • Using Notifications

Unit 14: Quality Control / Test Equipment Management / Environment / Central Functions

  • Quality Control
  • Test Equipment Management
  • Environment

Unit 15: Logistics Information Systems

  • Quality Notification Information System
  • Data Basics
  • Tools
  • Updating
  • Flexible Analysis

Highlights of SAP QM Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for SAP QM Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for SAP QM Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

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What is SAP QM?

SAP QM (Quality Management) is an integral part of several key business processes of SAP like production, sales, procurement, material management, etc.


With the functions of this component, you can implement the most important elements of a quality management system (QM system), as specified in ISO 9000. These functions are complemented by other integrated application components of the SAP system, such as Materials Management (MM) , Sales and Distribution (SD), and Production Planning (PP) .


The integration of the QM application component in the SAP system allows quality management tasks to be combined with those in other applications (such as materials management, production, sales and distribution and cost accounting).


The QM application component supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control. In addition, it controls the creation of quality certificates and manages problems with the help of quality notifications.

The following components are available in QM:

  • Basic data (for example, material master, catalogs, inspection characteristics, inspection methods and sampling procedures).

  • Inspection planning (inspection plans, reference operation sets, material specifications).

  • QM in procurement.

  • QM in sales and distribution

  • Inspection lot processing (inspection lot creation and inspection lot completion)

  • Results recording

  • Defects recording

  • Sample management

  • Quality Information System

  • Dynamic modification of the inspection scope

  • Quality certificates

  • Quality notifications

  • Test equipment management

Quality Planning

Quality planning enables you to manage basic data for quality, inspection planning and material specifications.
The integration of the Quality planning component in the SAP system allows quality planning tasks to be combined with those of other components such as materials management, batch management, inventory management,variant configuration and cost accounting.
Quality inspection covers the following functions:
  • Master data management (material master, catalogs, selected sets,master inspection characteristics, class characteristics, inspection methods, sampling procedures, sampling schemes, dynamic modification rules, sample-drawing procedures, QM work centers).
  • Inspection planning (inspection plans, reference operation sets, material specifications).

Quality Inspection

This functional capability is used to constantly check the quality of the company’s products. Therefore
the inspection plans and characteristics are used. The inspection process mainly consists of the following four steps:
Inspection can be triggered at a number of inspection origins:
  • Inspection lot creation: in SAP QM, all quality inspections are based on inspection lots. These can be triggered manually or automatically (e.g. at goods receipt from a purchase order, at goods issue of a component, at a certain operation during production, etc.). The lots contain specific information about the inspection size (e.g. based on the sampling procedure), inspection characteristics and methods from the inspection plan or material specification, etc.
  • Results Recording: After inspecting the products, the quantitative (e.g. width/height of a product) and/or qualitative (e.g. color of the product) results of the predefined characteristics can be directly recorded in the inspection lot.
  • Defects recording: Defects can be recorded additional to the results recording. These defects are also referenced to an inspection lot and contain information about any attribute of a material/product/process that deviates from the defined characteristics. The defect recording can be based on standardized codes that can be taken from the predefined inspection catalogs.
  • Inspection lot completion: A completion of the inspection lot is necessary after results recording to finally decide about the usage of a material. Depending on the usage decision, stock postings are performed (e.g. to unrestricted-use stock, blocked stock, scrap, etc.). The usage decision also influences the quality level and the quality score of a material or inspection lot

What Are The Prerequisites To Learn SAP QM?

basic understanding of SAP ERP

Who should go for this SAP QM?

  • Anyone intrested in SAP QM
  • Quality Management consultants

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Course Finished Certificate :

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