Testing plays a major role in the product to be launched in the market. Improper testing leads to the failure of the application. Selenium is a well known and most popular testing tool in the market. Kits online training Selenium online training course gives you the best knowledge on selenium 3.0 by live experts through online. Kits Selenium training course imparts the hands-on experience on selenium framework by live experts through online.

This selenium online training covers the best knowledge of the selenium framework through selenium architecture and various plugins. This includes the TestNG Framework, Robot class, cucumber Gherkin to control the testing automation environment. Besides this selenium training also covers various Data-Driven Framework,Hybrid Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, and so on. Besides selenium training, kits also provide the best training on various platforms like salesforce, Pega, dotnet , mulesoft and so on with live use cases amd makes you master in IT platforms

Highlights of Selenium  Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Selenium Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for Selenium Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Selenium Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

Selenium Course Content

Java Essentials for Selenium

Java Programming Basics

Why Java for Selenium

Installing Java

Installing Eclipse

First Eclipse Project

First Java program

Concept of class file

Datatypes in Java

String class and functions

  • Practical Examples on Strings handling

Conditional Statements

  • ..else…
  • Switchcase
  • Practical Examples with conditions


  • While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Practical Examples with loops


  • Single Dimensional Arrays
  • Two Dimensional arrays
  • Practical usage of arrays in Selenium


What are Functions?

Function Input Parameters

Function Return Types

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Local Variables

Global Variables

Static and Non-Static Variables

Static and Non-Static Functions

Creating Objects in Java

Meaning of static

Why is main method static?

Object and Object References

Call by reference and Value

Overloading and Overriding Functions

Access Modifiers – Public/Private/Default/Protected



Usage of Objects in Selenium


Usage of Inheritance in Selenium

Creating Packages

Accessing Classes across Packages

Exception Handling

Exception handing with try catch block

Importance of exception handling

Exception and Error

Throwable Class

Final and Finally

Throw and Throws

Different Types of Exceptions

Need of exception handling in Selenium framework

Automating Excel file Operations

Creating/Opening XLSX Files

Reading/Writing Microsoft XLSX Files

Counting Rows and Columns

Filling BG/Font Colours

Practical Examples

Automating Text File Operations

Creating/Opening Text Files

Reading/Writing Text Files

Practical Examples

Automating Database Operations

Connecting to Databases



SQL Server

Sending SQL Queries to Database

Process the Results

Practical Examples



What is Selenium?

Who developed Selenium?

Selenium Components

Selenium IDE

Installing Selenium IDE

Creating your First Selenium IDE script

How to use Locators in Selenium IDE

How to enhance a script using Selenium IDE

Creating and Running Tests

Creating and Running Test Suite

WebDriver Introduction

Introduction to WebDriver & Comparison with Selenium RC

Installing Selenium WebDriver

Architecture of selenium Webdriver

Creating your First Script in Webdriver

Launching AUT and Inspecting properties of Elements

Launching AUT in FireFox

Launching AUT in InternetExplorer

Launching AUT in Chrome

Launching AUT in Safari

Inspecting properties of Elements on different Browsers

Installing FireBug and FirePath

Creating FireFox Profile

Automating Operations on various Elements





Check Box

Radio Button

HTML Tables


Automating Keyboard and Mouse Events

Action Class

KeyBoard Events

Drag & Drop Actions

Mouse Hover Action

RightClick, Double Click & Tool Tip

Handling multiple Windows



Switching between windows

Handling elements present in different windows

Handling Alerts





Handling Frames

What is iFrame?

Locating Frames

Switching between Frames

Handling Frames

Handling Ajax Components

Handling Ajax Components

Creating Customize XPath/CSS Selectors

What is XPath

When to Use XPath

Absolute XPath/Relative XPath

Specifying conditions with XPath

CSS Selectors

Customizing CSS Selector





What is TestNG?

Advantages of TestNG over JUnit

Why do we need TestNG in Selenium?

Installing TestNG in Eclipse

Creating a New TestNG Test File

Test annotation

Running the Test

Checking reports created by TestNG

Generating HTML Reports

Annotations used in TestNG

Validating Tests with Assertions

Creating multiple Tests

Prioritizing Tests

Parameterizing Tests with dataProvider

TestNG dataProvider with Excel

Creating and Running Test Suites with TestNG.xml

Parallel Test Execution with TestNG

Cross Browser Testing using TestNG

Automation Test Frameworks

Modular Driven Framework

Keyword Driven Framework

Data Driven Framework

Hybrid Framework

Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium

What is POM

Why POM?

Advantages of POM

Creating POM Tests

What is Page Factory?

Creating Tests with Page Factory

Database Testing using Selenium

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

Driver Manager






Connecting to DataBases

Sending SQL Queries to Database

Processing Results

Real-time examples of Database Testing with Selenium


Installing AutoIT

Components of AutoIT

Using FinderTool

AutoIT commands

Creating Scripts in AutoIT

Creating executable files

Running AutoIT Scripts from Selenium

Selenium GRID

What is Selenium Grid?

When to Use Selenium Grid?

What is a Hub and Node?

How to Install and Use Grid 2.0?

Designing Test Scripts That Can Run on the Grid

Using the DesiredCapabilites Object

Using the RemoteWebDriver Object

Running a Sample Test Case on the Grid

Sequential and Parallel Test Execution

Running Tests on different Operating Systems

Running Tests on different Browsers

Maven & Jenkins


What is Maven and Why Maven?

Installing/Configuring Maven

Creating Maven Project

Importing Maven Project into Eclipse

What is POM.xml?

Adding Dependencies to POM.xml


Installing/Configuring Jenkins

Scheduling Test Execution in Jenkins

Auto mail configuration in Jenkins

What is continues integration?

Continues integration with JENKINS


Downloading and Installing GIT

Installing GIT and GITHUB plug-ins for JENKINS

Configuring SSH host keys for GIT and JENKINS

GIT Bash commands

Uploading project to GIT

History of Selenium:

Selenium is a framework used for software testing for Web Applications. Selenium software can deploy on Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Selenium is open source licensed software.

Selenium released under the Apache 2.0 license

Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins in the year 2004 at ThoughtWork. After that, he joined with a group and developed Selenium Remote Control (RC).

In the year 2005 Dan Fabulich and Nelson Sproul and Pat Lightbody made some modifications in Selenium Remote Control and improved the performance.

In 2007 the automation tool called WebDriver was developed by Simon Stewart.

In 2009 by combining above two projects Selenium 2.0 was developed.

Why the Name Selenium?

It came from a joke which Jason cracked one time to his team. Around then one of the computerized testing structure was well known, and it was by the organization called Mercury Interactive (yes, the organization who initially made QTP before it was obtained by HP).

Since Selenium is a well-known antidote for Mercury poisoning, Jason suggested that name. His teammates took it, and so that is how we got to call this framework up to the present.

Why we go for Selenium?

  • Selenium is a Functional Automation tool for Web applications.
  • Selenium is an open source tool (No cost Involved in it).
  • Selenium supports the languages like HTML, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby
  • And C#.
  • It will support IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.
  • It supports the OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It is very flexible when compared to QTP and other functional tools,
  • Because it supports multiple languages.


Components of Selenium:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Grid

selenium online training

Roles and Responsibilities of Selenium Test Engineer:

·         Selecting Test Cases for Automation

·         Selenium Environment Setup

·         Inspect Elements / Objects

·         Enhancing Test Cases using Programming features

·       Binding Test cases, Executing Test Batches, Prioritizing Test Cases and generating Test   Reports using TestNG/JUnit.

·         Cross Browser Testing, Database Testing, and Data Driven Testing.

·         Analyzing the Test Results and Reporting Defects

·         Defect Tracking and Select Test Cases for Regression Testing

·         Regression Testing on Modified builds.

·         Final Regression

·         Maintenance of Test Automation Resources

What are Prerequisites for Selenium Training?

Our Experienced trainers will teach from basics, if you have little bit java oops knowledge is an added advantage for this course.

Course Finished Certificate :

After finishing the course we provide Selenium course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

selenium online training

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